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Fileclass.department.inc [summary] [58 lines]    The department is a simple node with an id as primary key, and a name field. New is the use of the 'atkonetomanyrelation'. Departments and employees have a master/detail relationship, or 1:N association. If you want to reflect this in an application, adding a single line is enough to add master/detail functionality to the node. This results in the ability to add employees directly to a department.
Fileclass.employee.inc   [summary] [76 lines]    This node is a copy of the employee node from lesson 1. (ofcourse, in ATK it would actually not be necessary to copy, inheritance could be used instead. For the clarity of the example though, a fresh node is used here.) New are the many-to-one relations.
Filemodule.inc           [summary] [27 lines]    

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