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/netautor/napro4/include/npf_lib/ -> npf_javascript.fnc (summary)

(no description)

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Defines 9 functions


Functions that are not part of a class:

npf_script_clear_data(&$params,&$values,&$elements,&$npf_runtime,&$DC_ENV,&$SQL)   X-Ref
No description

clear_config_(this.debug = ".(isset($params['mode']['DEBUG'])   X-Ref
No description

npf_script_send_data(&$params,&$values,&$elements,&$npf_runtime,&$DC_ENV,&$SQL)   X-Ref
Builds JavaScript to send some configurable data from one frame to another frame

author: Stefan Rottensteiner

npf_script_normJSTypes($types)   X-Ref
Helper function : Norm the needed types

npf_script_checkRuntime($checkArea,$topic,&$npf_runtime)   X-Ref
Helper function: Check for something and mark it as done

npf_script_get_data(&$params,&$values,&$elements,&$npf_runtime,&$DC_ENV,&$SQL)   X-Ref
Builds JavaScript to receive some configurable data from

author: Stefan Rottensteiner

npf_script_move_data(&$params,&$values,&$elements,&$npf_runtime,&$DC_ENV,&$SQL)   X-Ref
Builds JavaScript to move some configurable data between Netautor Areas

author: Stefan Rottensteiner

move_config_(this.form_index = '".$params['form.index']."';this.area_prefix = '$area_name';this.element_names = new Array($target_fields)   X-Ref
No description

npf_script_load_lib($params,&$values,&$elements,&$npf_runtime,&$DC_ENV,&$SQL)   X-Ref
Builds JavaScript to build JavaScript-Code to load other JavaScritp-Libs

author: Stefan Rottensteiner

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