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Fileacl.auth.php.dist      [summary] [21 lines]    
Fileacronyms.conf          [summary] [143 lines]   
Filedokuwiki.php           [summary] [156 lines]   This is DokuWiki's Main Configuration file
Fileentities.conf          [summary] [22 lines]    
Fileinterwiki.conf         [summary] [125 lines]   
Filelicense.php            [summary] [40 lines]    This file defines multiple available licenses you can license your wiki contents under. Do not change this file, but create a license.local.php instead.
Filelocal.php.dist         [summary] [26 lines]    This is an example of how a local.php coul look like. Simply copy the options you want to change from dokuwiki.php to this file and change them. When using the installer, a correct local.php file be generated for you automatically.
Filemediameta.php          [summary] [57 lines]    This configures which meta data will be editable through the media manager. Each field of the array is an array with the following contents: fieldname - Where data will be saved (EXIF or IPTC field) label - key to lookup in the $lang var, if not found printed as is htmltype - 'text' or 'textarea' lookups - array additional fields to lookup the data (EXIF or IPTC fields)
Filemime.conf              [summary] [52 lines]    
Filemsg                    [summary] [8 lines]     
Filemysql.conf.php.example [summary] [253 lines]   
Filescheme.conf            [summary] [11 lines]    
Filesmileys.conf           [summary] [27 lines]    
Fileusers.auth.php.dist    [summary] [10 lines]    
Filewordblock.conf         [summary] [8004 lines]  
Filewords.aspell.dist      [summary] [5 lines]     

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