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DOMPDF - PHP5 HTML to PDF renderer File: $RCSfile: stylesheet.cls.php,v $ Created on: 2004-06-01

Author: Benj Carson
Copyright: 2004 Benj Carson
Version: 0.3
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Defines 1 class

Stylesheet:: (17 methods):

Class: Stylesheet  - X-Ref

The master stylesheet class

The Stylesheet class is responsible for parsing stylesheets and style
tags/attributes.  It also acts as a registry of the individual Style
objects generated by the current set of loaded CSS files and style

__construct()   X-Ref
The class constructor.

The base protocol, host & path are initialized to those of
the current script.

set_protocol($proto)   X-Ref
Set the base protocol

param: string $proto

set_host($host)   X-Ref
Set the base host

param: string $host

set_base_path($path)   X-Ref
Set the base path

param: string $path

add_style($key, Style $style)   X-Ref
add a new Style object to the stylesheet

add_style() adds a new Style object to the current stylesheet, or
merges a new Style with an existing one.

param: string $key   the Style's selector
param: Style $style  the Style to be added

lookup($key)   X-Ref
lookup a specifc Style object

lookup() returns the Style specified by $key, or null if the Style is
not found.

param: string $key   the selector of the requested Style
return: Style

create_style()   X-Ref
create a new Style object associated with this stylesheet

return: Style

load_css(&$css)   X-Ref
load and parse a CSS string

param: string $css

load_css_file($file)   X-Ref
load and parse a CSS file

param: string $file

_specificity($selector)   X-Ref

param: string $selector
return: int

_css_selector_to_xpath($selector)   X-Ref
converts a CSS selector to an XPath query.

param: string $selector
return: string

apply_styles(Frame_Tree $tree)   X-Ref
applies all current styles to a particular document tree

apply_styles() applies all currently loaded styles to the provided
{@link Frame_Tree}.  Aside from parsing CSS, this is the main purpose
of this class.

param: Frame_Tree $tree

_parse_css($str)   X-Ref
parse a CSS string using a regex parser

Called by {@link Stylesheet::parse_css()}

param: string $str

_parse_import($url)   X-Ref
parse @import{} sections

param: string $url  the url of the imported CSS file

_parse_properties($str)   X-Ref
parse regular CSS blocks

_parse_properties() creates a new Style object based on the provided
CSS rules.

param: string $str  CSS rules
return: Style

_parse_sections($str)   X-Ref
parse selector + rulesets

param: string $str  CSS selectors and rulesets

__toString()   X-Ref
dumps the entire stylesheet as a string

Generates a string of each selector and associated style in the
Stylesheet.  Useful for debugging.

return: string

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