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Fileadmin.php        [summary] [517 lines]   This is the backbone of the admin side. It includes all files needed for the admin functions under the "Include Files" section and all operations are function driven by "The Switch" statement at the bottom.
Fileauth.inc.php     [summary] [41 lines]    Checks admin username and password against database.
Filebanners.php      [summary] [317 lines]   Banner gfx functions - currently unused.
Fileconfig.php       [summary] [172 lines]   Global configuration file.
Filecounter.php      [summary] [37 lines]    This file updates the counter for the appropriate browser and OS a user is using.
Filedbconnect.php    [summary] [17 lines]    
Filefooter.php       [summary] [42 lines]    
Filefriend.php       [summary] [270 lines]   Allows to send an announcement or the URL of the site to a friend.
Fileheader.php       [summary] [141 lines]   This file creates the "header" of the web page dependent on the theme being used by the user. If the user is not logged in, the default theme header is used.
Fileindex.php        [summary] [158 lines]   
Filemail.php         [summary] [127 lines]   
Filemainfile.php     [summary] [352 lines]   The functions defined here are essential for the eNdonesia system. This file gets included almost all the time, you should be able to use the functions defined here everywhere in the code.
Filemainpage.php     [summary] [169 lines]   
Filemenu.php         [summary] [368 lines]   Displays the main menu eNdonesia 8.3 http://www.endonesia.com
Filemod.php          [summary] [6 lines]     
Fileopen_session.php [summary] [29 lines]    
Filestats.php        [summary] [174 lines]   
Filetop.php          [summary] [113 lines]   
Fileuser.php         [summary] [814 lines]   

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