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/classes/ -> class.ilBookmarkAdministrationGUI.php (summary)

GUI class for personal bookmark administration. It manages folders and bookmarks with the help of the two corresponding core classes ilBookmarkFolder and ilBookmark. Their methods are called in this User Interface class.

Author: Alex Killing
Author: Manfred Thaler
Version: $Id: class.ilBookmarkAdministrationGUI.php,v 2006/01/15 16:20:33 akill Exp $
File Size: 1375 lines (38 kb)
Included or required: 3 times
Referenced: 0 times
Includes or requires: 8 files

Defines 1 class

ilBookmarkAdministrationGUI:: (37 methods):

Class: ilBookmarkAdministrationGUI  - X-Ref

ilBookmarkAdministrationGUI()   X-Ref

param: integer        user_id (optional)

executeCommand()   X-Ref
execute command

executeAction()   X-Ref
No description

getMode()   X-Ref
return display mode
flat or tree

explorer()   X-Ref
output explorer tree with bookmark folders

displayHeader()   X-Ref
display header and locator

view()   X-Ref
No description

add_cell($val, $link = "")   X-Ref
output a cell in object list

displayLocator()   X-Ref
display locator

newForm()   X-Ref
new form

newFormBookmarkFolder()   X-Ref
display new bookmark folder form

editFormBookmarkFolder()   X-Ref
display edit bookmark folder form

newFormBookmark()   X-Ref
display new bookmark form

get_last($a_var, $a_value)   X-Ref
get stored post var in case of an error/warning otherwise return passed value

editFormBookmark()   X-Ref
display edit bookmark form

createBookmarkFolder()   X-Ref
create new bookmark folder in db

updateBookmarkFolder()   X-Ref
update bookmark folder

createBookmark()   X-Ref
create new bookmark in db

updateBookmark()   X-Ref
update bookmark in db

export($deliver=true)   X-Ref
export bookmarks

sendmail()   X-Ref
send  bookmarks as attachment

delete()   X-Ref
display deletion conformation screen

cancel()   X-Ref
cancel deletion,insert, update

confirm()   X-Ref
deletion confirmed -> delete folders / bookmarks

showActions()   X-Ref
display copy, paste, ... actions

showPossibleSubObjects()   X-Ref
display subobject addition selection

getPDBookmarkListHTML()   X-Ref
get bookmark list for personal desktop

getPDBookmarkListHTMLTree()   X-Ref
get tree bookmark list for personal desktop

insertBlockFooter(&$tpl)   X-Ref
block footer

getPDBookmarkListHTMLFlat()   X-Ref
get flat bookmark list for personal desktop

setCurrentBookmarkFolder()   X-Ref
set current bookmarkfolder on personal desktop

importFile()   X-Ref
imports a bookmark file into database
display status information or report errors messages
in case of error

__importBookmarks(&$objects,&$num_create,$folder_id,$start_key=0)   X-Ref
creates the bookmarks and folders

param: array        array of objects
param: array        stores the number of created objects
param: folder_id        id where to store the bookmarks
param: start_key        key of the objects array where to start

showBookmarkDetails()   X-Ref
show details for Bookmark

hideBookmarkDetails()   X-Ref
hide details for Bookmark

setPdFlatMode()   X-Ref
set current desktop view mode to flat

setPdTreeMode()   X-Ref
set current desktop view mode to tree

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