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CreateMySQL:: (8 methods):

Class: CreateMySQL  - X-Ref

Creates databases and structures within it

CreateMySQL($dump="dump.sql")   X-Ref
Standard constructor

execute()   X-Ref
Create the database.

draw()   X-Ref
No description

check()   X-Ref
No description

readDump()   X-Ref
Create the structures from dump-file

assureDB()   X-Ref
Make sure, that db exists or create it

checkDBServer()   X-Ref
Checks, if servername, password and username are correct

splitSqlFile(&$ret, $sql, $release)   X-Ref
Removes comment lines and splits up large sql files into individual queries
Based on phpMyAdmin 2.3.0 Read Copyright at phpmyadmin.net for reuse.

param: array    the splitted sql commands
param: string   the sql commands
param: integer  the MySQL release number (because certains php3 versions
return: boolean  always true

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