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phorum_parse_version($version)   X-Ref
Parses a Phorum version number.

The following version numberings are recognized:

- Snapshot release, e.g. "phorum5-svn-2007121315".
We only have one version element for these.
The returned release type will be "snapshot".

- Development release from the downloads section at phorum.org,
e.g. "5.1.10-alpha", "5.2.1-beta" or "5.2.2-RC1". The returned
release type will be "development" and the version will contain
three elements.

- Stable release, e.g. "5.1.20" or "5.1.16a". A letter can be appended
to indicate a quick fix release. We let the letter come back as a
numerical value in the fourth element of the returned version array,
(where a = 1, b = 2, etc) or 0 (zero) if no quick fix version is
available. Normally, we shouldn't get further than an "a" or "b"
quick fix release. The returned release type will be "stable".

- Development release from the subversion repository, e.g. "5.2-dev".
The version will have two elements. The returned release type
will be "repository".

If the version number cannot be parsed, then the returned release
type will be "unknown" and the parsed version will be an empty array.
This case should never happen of course.

param: string $version
return: array

phorum_compare_version($version1, $version2)   X-Ref
Compares two version numbers.

This function will tell which of two version numbers is higher.

param: array version1
param: array version2
return: integer

phorum_available_releases()   X-Ref
Retrieves the available software versions from the Phorum website.
The format of the data returned from the server is two lines. The first
line is for the stable version and the second for the development version.
Each line contains pipe separated values, with the following fields in it:
<version>|<release date>|<downloadloc 1>|<downloadloc 2>|...|<downloadloc n>

return: releases - An array of releases for release types

phorum_find_upgrades($version = PHORUM)   X-Ref
Finds out if there are any upgrades available for a version of Phorum.

param: version - the version to check for (default is the running version)
return: releases - An array of available releases with the

phorum_dbupgrade_getupgrades()   X-Ref
Retrieves all database patches and upgrades that have not yet
been processed.

return: array $upgradefiles

phorum_dbupgrade_run($upgrade, $update_internal_version = TRUE)   X-Ref
Perform the upgrade for a single upgrade file.

param: $upgrades - An upgrade description. One element from the array
param: $update_internal_version - whether to update the internal version
return: $msg - Describes the results of the upgrade.

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