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   1  <?php
   2  /**

   3  * English (en) help translation file.

   4  * This also serves as the base translation file from which to derive

   5  *  all other translations.

   6  *  

   7  * @author Nick Korbel <lqqkout13@users.sourceforge.net>

   8  * @translator Your Name <your@email.com>

   9  * @version 01-08-05

  10  * @package Languages

  11  *

  12  * Copyright (C) 2003 - 2006 phpScheduleIt

  13  * License: GPL, see LICENSE

  14  */
  15  ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


  17  ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  18  // This file contains all the help file for phpScheduleit.  Please save the translated

  19  //  file as '2 letter language code'.help.php.  For example, en.help.php.

  20  // 

  21  // To make phpScheduleIt help available in another language, simply translate this

  22  //  file into your language.  If there is no direct translation, please provide the

  23  //  closest translation.

  24  //

  25  // This will be included in the body of the help file.

  26  //

  27  // Please keep the HTML formatting unless you need to change it.  Also, please try

  28  //  to keep the HTML XHTML 1.0 Transitional complaint.

  29  ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

  30  ?>
  31  <div align="center"> 
  32    <h3><a name="top" id="top"></a>Introduction to phpScheduleIt</h3>
  33    <p><a href="http://phpscheduleit.sourceforge.net" target="_blank">http://phpscheduleit.sourceforge.net</a></p>
  34    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style="border: solid #CCCCCC 1px">
  35      <tr> 
  36        <td bgcolor="#FAFAFA"> 
  37          <ul>
  38            <li><b><a href="#getting_started">Getting Started</a></b></li>
  39            <ul>
  40              <li><a href="#registering">Registering</a></li>
  41              <li><a href="#logging_in">Logging In</a></li>
  42              <li><a href="#language">Selecting My Language</a></li>
  43              <li><a href="#manage_profile">Changing Profile Information or Password</a></li>
  44              <li><a href="#resetting_password">Resetting Your Forgotten Password</a></li>
  45              <li><a href="#getting_support">Getting Support</a></li>
  46            </ul>
  47            <li><a href="#my_control_panel"><b>My Control Panel</b></a></li>
  48            <ul>
  49              <li><a href="#quick_links">My Quick Links</a></li>
  50              <li><a href="#my_announcements">My Announcements</a></li>
  51              <li><a href="#my_reservations">My Reservations</a></li>
  52              <li><a href="#my_training">My Permissions</a></li>
  53              <li><a href="#my_invitations">My Invitations</a></li>
  54              <li><a href="#my_participation">My Reservation Participation</a></li>         
  55            </ul>
  56            <li><a href="#using_the_scheduler"><b>Using the Scheduler</b></a></li>
  57            <ul>
  58              <li><a href="#read_only">Read-Only Version</a></li>
  59              <li><a href="#making_a_reservation">Making a Reservation</a></li>
  60              <li><a href="#modifying_deleting_a_reservation">Modifying/Deleting 
  61                a Reservation</a></li>
  62              <li><a href="#navigating">Navigating the Scheduler</a></li>
  63            </ul>
  64          </ul>
  65          <hr width="95%" size="1" noshade="noshade" />
  66          <h4><a name="getting_started" id="getting_started"></a>Getting Started</h4>
  67          <p>In order to use  phpScheduleIt, you must first register. 
  68            If you have already registered, then you must log in before using the
  69            system. At the top of each page (except for the registration and log
  70            in pages) you will see a welcome message, today's date, and a few links
  71            -- a &quot;Log Out&quot; link and a &quot;My Control Panel&quot; link
  72            underneath the welcome message, and a &quot;Help Me&quot link under
  73            the date.</p>
  74            <p>If a previous user is displayed in the welcome message, click &quot;Log 
  75            Out&quot; to clear out any cookies they were using and <a href="#logging_in">log 
  76            in</a> as yourself. Clicking the &quot;My Control Panel&quot; link will 
  77            take you to <a href="#my_control_panel">My Control Panel</a>, your &quot;home 
  78            page&quot; for the scheduler.
  79            Clicking the &quot;Help Me&quot; link brings a pop-up help window. Clicking
  80            the &quot;Email Admin&quot; link will open a new mail addressed to the system's
  81            administrator.</p>
  82            <p><font color="#FF0000">Warning:</font> If you have Norton Personal
  83              Firewall running while using phpScheduleIt, you may encounter problems.
  84              Please disable Norton Personal Firewall while using phpScheduleIt
  85              and enable it after you are done.</p>
  86            <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
  87          <h5><a name="registering" id="registering"></a>Registering</h5>
  88          <p>To register, first navigate to the registration page. This can be reached 
  89            through a link the initial login page. You must fill in every field. 
  90            The email address that you register with will be your login. The information 
  91            that you enter can be altered at any time by <a href="#quick_links">changing 
  92            your profile</a>. Selecting the &quot;Keep Me Logged In&quot; option 
  93            will use cookies to identify you each time you return to the scheduler, 
  94            bypassing the need to log in each time. <i>You should only use this 
  95            option if you are the only person using the scheduler on your computer.</i> 
  96            After registering, you will be redirected to <a href="#my_control_panel">My 
  97            Control Panel</a>.</p>
  98          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
  99          <h5><a name="logging_in" id="logging_in"></a>Logging In</h5>
 100          <p>Logging in is as simple as entering your email address and password. 
 101            You must <a href="#registering">register</a> before you can log in. 
 102            This can be accomplished by following the registration link on the log 
 103            in page. Selecting the &quot;Keep Me Logged In&quot; option will use 
 104            cookies to identify you each time you return to the scheduler, bypassing 
 105            the need to log in each time. <i>You should only use this option if 
 106            you are the only person using the scheduler on your computer.</i> After 
 107            logging in, you will be redirected to <a href="#my_control_panel">My 
 108            Control Panel</a>.</p>
 109          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 110          <h5><a name="language" id="language"></a>Selecting My Language</h5>
 111          <p>On the login page, there will be a pull down menu with all of the
 112            available language translations that your administrator has included<a href="#my_control_panel"></a>.
 113            Please select the language that you prefer and all phpScheduleIt text
 114            will be translated. This will not translate any text that is entered
 115            by your admin or by other users; it will only translate the application
 116            text. You will  need
 117            to log out to select a different language.</p>
 118          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>        
 119          <h5><a name="manage_profile" id="manage_profile"></a>Changing Profile Information or Password</h5>
 120          <p>To change your profile information (name, email, etc.) or your password, 
 121            first log into the system. At <a href="#my_control_panel">My Control 
 122            Panel</a>, in <a href="#quick_links">My Quick Links</a>, click &quot;Change 
 123            My Profile Information/Password&quot;. This will bring you to a form 
 124            with your information filled in. Edit any information you wish. Any 
 126            field left blank will not be altered. If you wish you change your password, 
 127            enter it twice. After editing your information, click &quot;Edit Profile&quot; 
 128            and your changes will be saved to the database. You will then be returned 
 129            to My Control Panel.</p>
 130          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 131          <h5><a name="resetting_password" id="resetting_password"></a>Resetting Your Forgotten Password</h5>
 132          <p>If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it and have a new 
 133            one emailed to you. To do this, navigate to the login page and click 
 134            the &quot;I Forgot My Password&quot; link underneath the login form. 
 135            You will be taken to a new page and asked to enter your email address. 
 136            After clicking &quot;Submit&quot;, a new, randomly generated password 
 137            will be created. This new password will be set in the database and emailed 
 138            to you. After receiving this email, please copy and paste your new password, 
 139            <a href="#logging_in">log in</a> with it, and promptly <a href="#manage_profile">change 
 140            your password</a>.</p>
 141          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 142          <h5><a name="getting_support" id="getting_support"></a>Getting
 143            Help</h5>
 144          <p>If you do not have permission to use a resource, have questions about
 145            a resource, reservation, or your user account, please use the &quot;Email
 146            Admin&quot; link
 147            located in <a href="#quick_links">My Quick Links.</a></p>
 148          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>        <p align="right">&nbsp;</p>
 149          <hr width="95%" size="1" noshade="noshade" />
 150          <h4><a name="my_control_panel" id="my_control_panel"></a>My Control Panel</h4>
 151          <p>The Control Panel is your &quot;home page&quot; for the scheduling 
 152            system. Here you can review, modify or delete your reservations. My 
 153            Control Panel also includes a link to the <a href="#using_the_scheduler">Scheduler</a>, 
 154            a link to <a href="#quick_links">Edit Your Profile</a> and an option 
 155            to Log Out of the Scheduling System.</p>
 156          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 157          <h5><a name="quick_links" id="quick_links"></a>My Quick Links</h5>
 158          <p>The Quick Links table will provide you with common application links.
 159            The first, &quot;Bookings&quot; will take you to
 160            the default schedule. Here you can view resource schedules, reserve
 161            resources, and edit your current reservations.</p>
 162          <p>&quot;View My Calendar&quot; will bring you to a calendar view of the reservations
 163            that you have scheduled or are participating in. This can be viewed
 164            by day, week or month.</p>
 165          <p>&quot;View Schedule &amp; Resource  Calendar&quot; will bring you to a
 166            calendar view of the reservations for a selected resource or all resources
 167            of a selected schedule. If you have selected the day view of a specific
 168            resource, you will also be able to print out a &quot;Sign-up Sheet&quot; view
 169            by clicking on the notebook icon next to the resource pull down menu.</p>
 170          <p>&quot;Change My Profile Information/Password &quot; will navigate
 171            to a page allowing you to edit your personal information, such as login
 172            email address, name, phone number and password. All of your information
 173            will be filled in for you. Blank and unchanged values will not be altered.</p>
 174          <p>&quot;Manage My Email Preferences&quot; will take you to a page where
 175            you can choose how and when you want to be contacted regarding your
 176            scheduler usage. By default, you will recieve HTML email alerts any
 177            time you add, edit or delete a reservation.</p>
 178          <p>The final link, &quot;Log Out&quot; will log you out of your current
 179            session and return you to the log in screen.</p>
 180          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 181          <h5><a name="my_announcements" id="my_announcements"></a>My Announcements</h5>
 182          <p>This table will list any announcements that the system administrator 
 183            feels are important.</p>
 184          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 185          <h5><a name="my_reservations" id="my_reservations"></a>My Reservations</h5>
 186          <p>The My Reservations table shows all of your upcoming reservations starting 
 187            with today (by default). This table will list each reservation's Date, 
 188            Resource, Date/Time of its creation, Date/Time of its last modification, 
 189            Start Time and End Time. From this table you can also modify a reservation 
 190            or delete it, simply by clicking on the &quot;Modify&quot; or &quot;Delete&quot; 
 191            link at the end of the respective reservation's row. Both of these options 
 192            will bring up a pop-up box where you can confirm your reservation changes. 
 193            Clicking on a reservation's date will bring up a new window where you 
 194            can view the reservation's details.</p>
 195          <p>To sort your reservations by a specific column, click on the &#150; 
 196            or + link at the top of the column. The minus sign will sort your reservations 
 197            in descending order by that column name, the plus sign will sort your 
 198            reservations in ascending order by that column name.</p>
 199          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 200          <h5><a name="my_training" id="my_training"></a>My Permissions</h5>
 201          <p>The My Permissions table shows all the resources that you have been given permission to use.
 202            It lists the resource name, its location and a phone number you 
 203            can call to contact its administrator.</p>
 204          <p>Upon registration, you will be given not have permission to use any resources unless the administrator
 205            has decided to grant users permission automatically.  The administrator is the only person who can give you
 206            permission to use a resource. You will not be permitted to reserve a resource on 
 207            which you have not been given permission, but you will be able to view its schedule 
 208            and current reservations.</p>
 209          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 210          <h5><a name="my_invitations" id="my_invitations"></a>My Invitations</h5>
 211          <p>The My Invitations table shows all the reservations that you have
 212            been invited to and allows you to either Accept or Decline participating
 213            in that reservation. If you accept, you will still have an opportunity
 214            to end your participation at a later time. If you decline, you will
 215            not be able to accept unless the reservation's creator invites you
 216            again.</p>
 217          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>        
 218          <h5><a name="my_participation" id="my_participation"></a>My Reservation Participation</h5>
 219          <p>The My Reservation Participation table shows all of the reservations
 220            which you are participating in. This will not show the reservations
 221            that you have created. From this table, you can choose to end your
 222            participation with a selected reservation. If you end participation,
 223            you will not be able to participate  unless the reservation's
 224            creator invites you
 225            again.</p>
 226          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>        <p align="right">&nbsp;</p>
 227          <hr width="95%" size="1" noshade="noshade" />
 228          <h4><a name="using_the_scheduler" id="using_the_scheduler"></a>Using the Scheduler</h4>
 229          <p>The scheduler is where you can perform all resource scheduling functions.
 230             The week displayed begins with the current week and extends for 7
 231            (default) 
 232            days. Here you can view resource schedules, reserve resources, and
 233            edit  your current reservations. Reservations will be color coded and
 234            all will be shown, but only <i>your</i> reservations
 235            will provide a link to edit the reservation. All other reservations
 236            will only provide a link
 237            to
 238          view them.</p>
 239          <p>You can change schedules (if more than one exist) using the pull down
 240            menu at the top of each schedule.</p>
 241          <p>The system administrator can specify times that are &quot;blacked out&quot;,
 242            or determined to be unavailable by the admin. Reservations will not
 243            be placed if they conflict with a blackout time.</p>
 244          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 245          <h5><a name="read_only" id="read_only"></a>Read-Only
 246          Version</h5>
 247          <p>If you have not yet registered or logged in, you can view a read-only
 248            version of the schedule by clicking on the &quot;Read-Only Schedule&quot; link
 249            on the login page. This version of the schedule will show you all resources
 250            and reservations, but you will not be able to see any details about
 251            them nor will you be able to place reservations.</p>
 252          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 253          <h5><a name="making_a_reservation" id="making_a_reservation"></a>Making
 254            a Reservation</h5>
 255          <p>To reserve a resource, first navigate to the table for the day you
 256            wish  to make the reservation on. Once you have located the table for
 257            the 
 258            requested day, click on the resource name. This will bring up a pop-up
 259             window where you can select the start and end days (if allowed) and
 260            times you wish to reserve the selected 
 261            resource for.</p>
 262          <p>There will be a message below the time selection informing you of
 263            how long a reservation for this resource can be. If your reservation
 264            is greater than or less than this allowed time, it will not be accepted.</p>
 265          <p>You can also select if you want to repeat this reservation. To repeat
 266            a reservation, select the days you want it to repeat on, then select
 267            the duration you want to have the reservation repeat for. The reservation
 268            will be made for your initially selected day, plus all the days you
 269            selected as repeats. All dates that could not be reserved because of
 270          a reservation conflict will be listed. If you are creating a multi-day
 271            reservation, the repeat options will not be available.</p>
 272          <p>You can add a summary of this reservation by filling out the summary
 273            text box. This summary will then be available for all other users to
 274            read.</p>        
 275          <p>After setting correct beginning and ending days/times for the
 276             reservation and selecting if you want the reservation to repeat, press
 277            the &quot;Save&quot; button.
 278             A message will appear if the reservation was not successful, informing
 279             you of the date(s) that were not successful. If not successful, go
 280             back and edit the requested times so that they
 281             do not
 282             overlap with another
 283             current 
 284            reservation. After your reservation has been successfully made, the
 285              schedule will automatically refresh. This is required to reload all
 287            reservation information from the database.</p>
 288          <p>You cannot reserve a resource for a date that has passed, for a resource
 289             that you have not been given permission to use  or for a resource
 290            that is currently inactive. These resources will be grayed out and
 291            will
 292            not
 293            provide
 294            a
 295             reservation link.</p>
 296          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 297          <h5><a name="modifying_deleting_a_reservation" id="modifying_deleting_a_reservation"></a>Modifying/Deleting 
 298            a Reservation</h5>
 299          <p>There are multiple ways to modify or delete a reservation. One is
 300            from <a href="#my_control_panel">My
 301               Control Panel</a> as described above. The other is through the online
 302                scheduler. As previously noted, only you will be able to modify
 303               your 
 304            reservations. All other reservations will be shown, but will not provide
 305                a link to edit them.</p>
 306          <p>To edit a reservation through the scheduler, simply click on the
 307            reservation you wish to change. This will bring up a pop-up window
 308            very similar to the Reservation window. You have 2 choices;
 309            you
 310            can either modify the starting and ending times of the reservation,
 311            or you can click the &quot;Delete&quot; check box.
 312             After making your modifications, press the &quot;Modify&quot; 
 313            button at the bottom of the form. Your new options will be evaluated
 314             against current reservations and a message will appear letting you
 315            know 
 316            the status of your modification. If you need to change times, go back
 317             to the modification window and select new times which do not overlap
 319            other reservations. After your reservation has been successfully modified,
 320             the schedule will automatically refresh. This is required to reload
 322            all reservation information from the database.</p>
 323          <p>To modify a group of recurring reservations, check the box labeled
 324          &quot;Update all recurring records in group?&quot;. Any conflicting dates
 325            will be listed.</p>
 326          <p>You cannot edit a reservation for a date that has passed.</p>
 327          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 328          <h5><a name="navigating" id="navigating"></a>Navigating the Scheduler</h5>
 329          <p>There are many ways to navigate to dates in the scheduler.</p>
 330          <p>Move week by week using the &quot;Previous Week&quot; and &quot;Next Week&quot; links
 331            at the bottom of the scheduler.</p>
 332          <p>Jump to any date by entering it in the form at the bottom of the scheduler.</p>
 333          <p>Bring up a navigational calendar by clicking the &quot;View Calendar&quot; link
 334            at the bottom of the scheduler. Find your desired date and click on
 335            it to move the scheduler to that date.</p>
 336          <p align="right"><a href="#top">Top</a></p>
 337        </td>
 338      </tr>
 339    </table>
 340  </div>

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