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TLogger class file

Author: Qiang Xue
Copyright: Copyright © 2005 PradoSoft
License: http://www.pradosoft.com/license/
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TLogger:: (4 methods):

Class: TLogger  - X-Ref

TLogger class.

TLogger records log messages in memory and implements the methods to
retrieve the messages with filter conditions, including log levels and
log categories.

log($message,$level,$category='Uncategorized')   X-Ref
Logs a message.
Messages logged by this method may be retrieved via {@link getLogs}.

param: string message to be logged
param: integer level of the message. Valid values include
param: string category of the message

getLogs($levels=null,$categories=null)   X-Ref
Retrieves log messages.
Messages may be filtered by log levels and/or categories.
A level filter is specified by an integer, whose bits indicate the levels interested.
For example, (TLogger::INFO | TLogger::WARNING) specifies INFO and WARNING levels.
A category filter is specified by concatenating interested category names
with commas. A message whose category name starts with any filtering category
will be returned. For example, a category filter 'System.Web, System.IO'
will return messages under categories such as 'System.Web', 'System.IO',
'System.Web.UI', 'System.Web.UI.WebControls', etc.
Level filter and category filter are combinational, i.e., only messages
satisfying both filter conditions will they be returned.

param: integer level filter
param: string category filter
param: array list of messages. Each array elements represents one message

filterByCategories($value)   X-Ref
Filter function used by {@link getLogs}

param: array element to be filtered

filterByLevels($value)   X-Ref
Filter function used by {@link getLogs}

param: array element to be filtered

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