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Copyright 1999 - 2004 by Gero Kohnert CVS Info:  $Id: address.pinc,v 2004/07/26 19:54:56 gokohnert Exp $ $Author: gokohnert $

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Defines 1 class

tutos_address:: (33 methods):

Class: tutos_address  - X-Ref

a person (names and birthday)

tutos_address(&$dbconn)   X-Ref
No description

read_result(&$r,$pos)   X-Ref
fill the object data with a given resultset

param: Object $r    a result set object
param: int    $pos  a index in the resultset

read_picture()   X-Ref
Read picture object

read_locs()   X-Ref
Read all locations references

read_locs_data()   X-Ref
Read all locations data

search_by_name(&$arr,&$user,$name)   X-Ref
search for a address
return a array of possible addresses

getShortname()   X-Ref
Return the Short Name if useful

getFullname()   X-Ref
Return the Long Name

getAsText(&$lang)   X-Ref
get the info as text

getPopInfo()   X-Ref
Returns HTML for popup infos

setTitle($new)   X-Ref
set the title

setFName($value)   X-Ref
set the first name

setLName($value)   X-Ref
set the last name

setMName($value)   X-Ref
set the middle name

setBirthday(&$name)   X-Ref
set the birthday date

save()   X-Ref
save the objects data to the database

fill_maillist(&$ml)   X-Ref
fill mailing list
this will work recursive and add all members
and subteam members to the given mailing list

default_email()   X-Ref
Read all locations data and find the email adr.

getURL()   X-Ref
Return a URL to this address

getModURL()   X-Ref
Return a URL to modify this address

getDelURL()   X-Ref
Return a URL to delete this address

getLink($text = "")   X-Ref
Return a link to this address

getMailLink($email = "" ,$text = "" )   X-Ref
Return a Mail link to this address

delete()   X-Ref
Delete this address from the DB

isUser()   X-Ref
Checks if this person is a user of the system

exportXML_body($only_ids = false)   X-Ref
Data of XML export

parseXML($fld,$data,$attrs)   X-Ref
parse XML import

getVcard()   X-Ref
Return a vcard for this address

gettype()   X-Ref
get the type of object

gettypeid()   X-Ref
get the type id of object

getHtmlIcon()   X-Ref
get the type id of object

getSelectLink(&$user,$text = "")   X-Ref
create a link to a select page

getHelpIndex()   X-Ref
get the help index

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