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Wiki:: (23 methods):

Class: Wiki  - X-Ref

Classe Globale du Wiki
Elle définit une interface de méthodes appelées par les différentes pages de
WikiWig. Toutes les actions du Wiki sont définies dans cette classe.

Wiki()   X-Ref
Constructor PHP 4
Call the <code>__construct</code> method.
View <code>__construct</code> method for details.

__construct()   X-Ref
Constructor PHP 5

getConfig($var_name=false)   X-Ref
No description

getConfigVars()   X-Ref
No description

listPages($folder,$order_by='name',$order_way=0)   X-Ref
No description

listAllFolders($hidden_path=false, $hidden_folders=false)   X-Ref

listSubFolders($folder,$hidden_path=false)   X-Ref
No description

createPage($path,$filename,$tpl_content_file_name=false,$title=false,$overwrite=false)   X-Ref
No description

updatePage($page_wiki_path,$new_content)   X-Ref
No description

readPage($page_wiki_path)   X-Ref
No description

deletePage($page_wiki_path)   X-Ref
No description

backupPage($page_wiki_path,$permissions=WK_FILE_RIGHTS)   X-Ref
No description

lockPage($page_wiki_path)   X-Ref
No description

unlockPage($page_wiki_path)   X-Ref
No description

getPageTemplates()   X-Ref
No description

parsePage($file_full_path)   X-Ref
No description

parseAllPages($dir='')   X-Ref
No description

createFolder($path='',$dirname)   X-Ref
Creates a new folder in the wiki

setFolderProperties($dir_full_path='',$wkPath=false)   X-Ref
set to a folder the necessary properties files

getParentFolder($folder)   X-Ref
returns the parent folder in the wiki tree

deleteFolder($wiki_dir=false)   X-Ref
Deletes a folder of the wiki

param: string $wiki_dir fodler to move
return: mixed a boolean or an array of errors.

moveFolder($wiki_dir, $target_folder=false)   X-Ref
Moves a folder of the wiki to another wiki folder
used by the trash process to delete folders. The inner system is to move
folder needed to delete to the trash folder, so similar to a move in the wiki tree.

param: string $wiki_dir fodler to move
param: string $target_folder destination to where move the folder. If not set, will be moved to the trash dir. Equivalent to a delete call.
return: mixed a boolean or an array of errors.

getUserRights()   X-Ref
No description

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