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   1  Zoph FAQ
   2  21 Jan 2006
   4  1 Documentation
   6  Up to date documentation can be found on http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/zoph
   8  2 Troubleshooting
  10    2.1 After logging in I get the following error: "Fatal error: Call to
  11    undefined function: mysql_pconnect()". What's wrong?
  13     You may need to install the php-mysql module (rpms and debs are
  14     available).
  16    2.2 I can log in but when I try to view any other page I get: "Fatal error:
  17    The script tried to execute a method or access a property of an incomplete
  18    object. Please ensure that the class definition user of the object you are
  19    trying to operate on was loaded _before_ the session was started in
  20    /var/www/zoph/auth.inc.php on line 64".
  22     This can happen when a session is automatically started at the
  23     beginning of a request. You can fix this by disabling
  24     session.auto_start in your php.ini or by inserting a call to
  25     session_write_close() before the call to session_start() in
  26     auth.inc.php.
  28    2.3 I'm trying to use the importer from the web but I get this error: "Fatal
  29    error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg()".
  31     To use the importer you need the GD 2 library for image creation
  32     support in PHP. See the REQUIREMENTS doc for more info.
  34    2.4 The web importer works but why aren't the EXIF tags in my photos being
  35    extracted?
  37     Reading the EXIF header requires at least PHP 4.2, when the
  38     read_exif_data() function was introduced.
  40    2.5 I moved my photos around after I loaded them and now I see broken images.
  41    How can I fix them?
  43     If you move images to a different directory you'll start seeing broken
  44     images in Zoph unless you also update the 'path' field in the
  45     database.
  47     If you edit a photo, at the bottom of the page you'll see a 'show
  48     additional attributes' link. That will let you edit the path for a
  49     photo.
  51     If you're moving a bunch of photos, you may want to just create a list
  52     of their names as you are relocating them and then change all the
  53     paths at once from within MySQL:
  55     mysql> update photos set path = 'new_path' where name in
  56     ('photo1.jpg', 'photo2.jpg');
  58    2.6 Jhead complains (non fatally) when parsing my images. Is there a way to
  59    suppress that?
  61     A user with a FotoCanvas 11 camera mentioned this problem and pointed
  62     out the -se flag to jhead (which first appeared in version 1.7):
  64     -se Suppress error messages relating to corrupt exif header structure.
  66     Add this flag to the call to jhead in zophImport.pl to fix this
  67     problem.
  69    2.7 Why does Zoph choke when it tries to load the languages (line 88 of
  70    rtplang.class.php)?
  72     This can happen when the line endings in the language files get messed
  73     up. One user reported this happening when extracting the zoph package
  74     using Windows. If this happens, make sure there are UNIX style (\n not
  75     \r\n) line endings in the files.
  77    2.8 Can I use Zoph without having to enable cookies?
  79     Zoph will work without cookies but you have to enable
  80     session.use_trans_sid in your php.ini file so that url rewriting will
  81     work. Starting with PHP 4.2.0 this parameter is disabled by default.
  83    2.9 Why do I see some English phrases when I'm using a translation (e.g.
  84    "[vo] that have been categorized")?
  86     Some language files are missing a few translations. Many, but not all,
  87     are shown in italics and preceded by [vo]. To fix this simply open the
  88     correct language file in the lang/ directory and add a transltions of
  89     the missing string (the English string should already be present in
  90     the file). If you make an additions please send me an email
  91     (zoph@nother.net). Check http://www.nother.net/zoph#translations for
  92     updated language packs.
  94    2.10 Why do I see a bunch of code when I try to access Zoph?
  96     First, check to make sure that you have an AddType line for php files
  97     in your httpd.conf file. This is described in the INSTALL document.
  99    2.11 I've managed to get Zoph running in Windows but zophImport.pl only can
 100    load one file at a time. If I try to execute "zophImport.pl *.jpg" I get a
 101    message saying "Not a file: *.jpg". What's going on?
 103     I believe this happens because the DOS/Windows shell does not expand
 104     wildcards and so the *.jpg is passed unchanged to the perl script. I
 105     would recommend using another shell like bash. This can easily be done
 106     by installing something like CygWin.
 108  3 Customization
 110    3.1 Can I get Zoph to take up my whole browser window rather than that little
 111    rectangle?
 113     Try setting DEFAULT_TABLE_WIDTH in config.inc.php to "100%".
 115    3.2 Can I customize the name/title used in the interface?
 117     Set ZOPH_TITLE in config.inc.php to whatever you want. This is what
 118     appears on the logon page, on the home page, and in the title of every
 119     page.
 121    3.3 I don't like your welcome screen, your instructions on the import page,
 122    or your use of English in general.
 124     You could edit the templates so that Zoph says just what you want. A
 125     better alternative is perhaps to create your own custom translation.
 126     Create a file in the lang/ directory that maps English to English and
 127     tweak whatever phrases you want. For example:
 129     Welcome %s. %s currently contains=Go away %s. %s isn't for you.
 131  4 Miscellaneous
 133    4.1 How do you pronounce Zoph?
 135     I say Zoph like software (it's Zophtware). But you can Zoph with an O
 136     like in photos or however you like.
 138    4.2 What license is Zoph released under?
 140     Zoph used to be licensed under the modified BSD license. As of version 0.4
 141     this has been changed to the GPL license. We have done our best to make sure
 142     all the code in Zoph could be changed to this license. If you feel your copyright
 143     has been violated with this change, please contact us a.s.a.p.
 144     Some included files have their own license because the license doen not allow us
 145     to change it to GPL:
 146     - rtplang.class.php
 147     - mimePart.php
 148     - htmlMimeMail.php
 149     - smtp.php
 150     - RFC822.php
 151     - Any files in the contrib directory.
 152     Please see those files for license information. For all other files,
 153     please refer to the file COPYING.

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